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Words that usually used with ( the ).

 We usually use the with: Times of the day. Examples : in the morning in the evening in the afternoon Musical instruments. Examples : I play the  piano. Does he play the guitar? The media. Examples : on the Internet the radio Shops/places in a town. Examples : the cinema the bank the supermarket the station Names of newspapers. Examples : The New York Times The Sun The Washington Post The Times Locations. Examples : in the east in the middle on the coast on the right Names of museums, cinemas, theatres, and hotels. Examples : the  Central Hotel  the Odeon Cinema the Holiday Inn the Guggenheim museum Countries with plural names and with  Republic, Kingdom. Examples : the United States the United Kingdom the People's Republic of China Names of oceans, seas, rivers, mountains, and ranges. Examples : the Atlantic Ocean the Nile the Andes

The use of articles (the or a/an)

We use (a) and (an) when we use a noun for the first  time, and  (the) when we use it next time in a text or speech. Examples: There is a job available in her factory. The job will involve some international travel. A thief stole $12200 from the bank. The thief hasn't been caught yet. We use (the) when you know which person or   thing we are talking about. Examples: Let's go to a cafe  this evening. There is more than one cafe. Let's go to the cafe on Dean Street. We know which cafe. Would you like to buy  a ball ? There is more than one ball. Jimmy bought the ball ! We know which ball he bought.

The use of the definite article (the).

 ➤ The   (definite article)   is used when there is  only one of something. Where is the bedroom? ( There is only one bedroom in the house .) Elena is in the bathroom. ( We have one bathroom in the house .) You can go anywhere in the world. ( There's only one world .) The moon rose at 6:00 this morning. (There's only one moon.) ➤ The is used with clauses introduced by only. Examples: You are the only singer he wilI listen to. The only  coffee I like is Brazilian coffee. This is the only day we've had sunshine all week. ➤ We DON'T use the before uncountable or plural  nouns when we talk about something or someone in  general. Examples: I like cats. (cats in general) I like the cats. (the cats in that box) Milk is good for you. (milk in general) The milk tastes horrible. (the milk in that  bottle)

The use of indefinite articles a/an

  We use a/an : ➤   to talk about jobs. Examples: I want to be a  teacher. Jim isn't an architect. ➤  to talk about one person or thing. Examples: We are trying to buy an apartment. We watched a movie at the cinema. ➤  to describe a person or thing with an adjective. Examples: She's a nice person. Is that an interesting camera? ➤   to mean 'one' with fractions and numbers. a million three and a half a thousand a hundred ➤   to mean 'each' in measurements. Examples: once a week two times a year twice a day 40 miles an hour ❎   We DONT use a/an: ❎ before plural nouns. Examples: Do you like an adventure films? Do you like adventure films? ❎ before plural nouns. Examples: Students often listen te a musie Students often listen to music. key words: how to use indefinite articles a/an indefinite articles the use of articles

The indefinite articles a/an

  Articles a/an Articles are short words that come before nouns to determine whether they refer to a specific or a general object.  There are many rules telling which article should be used in phrases and sentences. The indefinite article a or an is used to talk about something in general. Examples: I work in a  hotel. I work in an office. We use: ➤ article ( a ) before words that start with a consonant sound, for example, ( b, c I, m p. s, t ) and u or eu , when they sound like y. Examples: a cat  a dog  a house a university a uniform a Europe ➤  article ( an ) before words that begin with a  vowel sound, (a, e i. 0, u) and h when you do not  pronounce the h. Examples: an orange an apple  an hour an umbrella an architect

Way of counting uncountable nouns.

 Uncountable nouns become countable if  the noun is  measured  or  in a container. Examples: a box of chocolates ➤➤➤ a bar of chocolate a slice of bread/toast/cake ➤➤➤ a loaf of bread a carton of milk/juice➤➤➤ a litre of milk a bottle of water ➤➤➤a bit of information a can/tin of soup➤➤➤five metres of cotton We do not use uncountable nouns with articles a/an. ➤ Can I eat a bread? ➤ Can I eat a slice of bread? _________________________________ ➤ Would you like  a chocolate? ➤Would you like a bar of chocolate? ➤Would you like some chocolate?

Nouns that can be both countable and uncountable

 Some words can be countable and  uncountable depending on how they are used in a sentence: Countable meaning: Can I have a cup of milk, please? ld like two teas, please. (two cups of tea) There are three Moroccans in my class. (people) Would you like a chocolate? (one piece of chocolate) Uncountable meaning: There's some broken glass on the pavement. Tea comes from Turkey and India. Do you speak Russian? (language) Moroccan chocolate is very good.