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  Adjectives Adjectives are words that modify and tell us something about a person or thing in the sentence. The Articles a, an, and the are adjectives too. Examples: the tall professor   the unhappiest, richest man a red hear an expensive car the big elephant the smart boy


what are Q uantifie rs?   Q uantifie rs  are a type of  determiner s ( a little , a lot of , or  many ) that expresses the quantity of something.  Quantifiers usually take place in front of  nouns  (as in  many cars ), but they may also work as  pronouns as follow (as  All have returned ). Qu antifie rs can be a group of words (such as  a lot of ). Quantifiers are answering the following questions: how many? ( for countable nouns) how much? ( for uncountable nouns) Quantifies that are used with uncountable nouns: much a little /little/very little a bit (of) a great deal of a large amount of a large quantity of Examples: I like coffee with little sugar. We export a large quantity of green tea to Canada. They fish a large amount of fish today. Quantifies that are used with both countable uncountable nouns: all enough more/most less/least no/none not any some any a lot of lots of plenty of Examples: All my family's laptops are made in China. She got enough money from the p

ANY and SOME without a noun

  We can use any and some without a noun if the meaning of the sentence is clear. Examples: I didn't eat any burger but Peter ate some . (Burger) James took lots of photos of the camel but Emma didn't take any . (Photos) I'm making some coffee. Do you want some ? (Tea) A noun can be repeated after some and any . But it is more natural NOT to repeat it. Examples: How much tea is there? There is not any . (There isn't any tea.)

The use of "some" and "any"

 We use some for a number or an amount of something. The exact amount or number is not important. Examples: ·          You need some oranges. ·          We've got some apples today. ·          There are some children in the park. Some replaces a/an in sentences with plural nouns: ·          There is a library in the town. ·          There are some libraries in the town. Some is replaced by any to form questions and negatives. Examples: ·          I have got some oranges. (Positive) ·          Do you have any oranges? (Question) ·          I haven't got any oranges. (Negative) ·          There are some hotels in the town. (Positive) ·          Are there any hotels in the town? (Question) ·          There aren't any hotels in the town. (Negative) We use some in questions when we ask for something. Examples: ·          Can I have some big oranges? ·          Can I borrow some money? When we offer something to someone: ·   

Quantifiers - A little and a few

  A little  and a few  are quantifiers. We usually use them to talk about a small number or amount. A little is used before uncountable nouns. Examples: ·          She saves a little money every week. ·          I have coffee with a little sugar. A few is used before plural countable nouns. Examples: ·          They spent a few days in Paris. ·          He likes a few songs by Shakira. We can use a little and a few without a noun, when it is clear what we are talking about. Examples: ·          Did you have any money? o    Yes, a little . ·          Did you have any friends at school? o    Yes, a few .

Words without indefinite articles a/an

 We DON'T use the a or an with: Names and titles Examples: Mr. Smith Elena Professor Ahmed Uncle Dave Times, months and days Examples: in March on Monday in May at midnight Sports: Examples: football volleyball basketball tennis Meals: Examples: breakfast dinner What time is lunch? School subjects and  languages Examples: history art Spanish English transport and communication Examples: by phone by email by bus by train Roads, streets, squares and parks Examples: Times Square Central Park Oxford Street Park Lane Airports and stations Examples: Mohamed 5 Airport Penn Station Kennedy Airport Washington Bus Station Most countries and continents Examples: Morocco Thailand America Africa Cities, towns and states Examples: Paris London California Manchester Mountains, hills and lakes Examples: Lake Baikal Mount Toubkal Mount Rushmore Lake Ontario We DON'T use the a or an for the following at home at work watch TV in bed